Save the Children – a 360° Partnership for Change, Filmed in Stereoscopic 3D 360

In Shomolu, Nigeria, 1 in every 8 children will die before their fifth birthday, due to diarrhea. That’s 96,000 children dying from preventable causes in Nigeria each year. To help fundraise and increase awareness about this, RB and Save the Children collaborated to produce a 360 degree, 3D stereo video for Save the Children’s annual Summer ball.

Filmed by Jack Morrow and edited by me, the documentary was captured with 14 separate video cameras to create the 3D effect. That’s 7 cameras per eye for an entire sphere. Capturing stereo (3D) 360 video is still not an industry standard so we had to overcome many challenges to ensure that it was a comfortable viewing experience.

The video helped to raise £350,000 for Save the Children, which will go towards efforts to educate families, preventing the loss of further lives in the future.

Many thanks to everybody who was involved from RB, Save the Children, Jack Morrow of Retinize & all of the team at Pink Banana Studios, who worked with RB to produce the film.

Behind The Scenes

The Documentary

*  Please note *

This is a 3D stereoscopic video. To view in 3D, please use in combination with a Google Cardboard (which can be purchased here) & open the video in the YouTube app on a mobile device. If you turn your device landscape, a button representing glasses will appear. Click this button and slide into your Google Cardboard.

On desktop, please click the gear icon in the bottom right corner and ensure resolution is set to full for the best quality experience.